Employment Act 1955

This Act provides the minimum terms and conditions of services for employees stated in the First Schedule. This Act is applicable to West Malaysia only.

Employment Regulations 1957

The Regulations requires amonst other things employers to keep register, provide contract of service, paylips etc ...

Employment (Part-Time Employees) Regulations 2010

An employee who is engaged occasionally or on an irregular basis, as and when needed ......

Employment (Termination And Lay-Off Benefits) Regulations 1980

To provide termination and layoff benefits to certain categories of employees..

Chidren And Young Persons (Employment) Act 1966

The Act provides minimum working age for children and young persons ......

Employment (Limt Of Overtime Work) Regulations 1980

To provide limit for number of hours of overtime work per month.

Sarawak Labour Ordinance

The Act provides minimum benefits for employees in Sarawak......

Industrial Relations Act 1967

The Act To provide for the regulation of the relations between employers and workmen and their trade unions, and the prevention and settlement of any differences or disputes arising therefrom.. - MOHR


Trade Unions Act 1959

The Act is for the regulation of union activities including registration, membership, the use of trade union funds ......