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06/03/2018 15:47:55
Re: contract with bonding

I've working with BEC company , this company operate by husband and wives (China Man business) . After 2 months that relies is not suitable for me. This is because their statement is totally difference from the reality.

I've to work in weekend and a lot of stress due to their expected is high .. as one person need to do 5 person workout . Furthermore, I may need to plan my family .

I decided to quit during Prohibition period. However, I bond for 5 year with penalty of RM 50,000.

What should l do ? Can I just resign
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KL siew
06/03/2018 18:59:35
Very surprising that you agreed to enter into such a bond, what you can do now is to go and consult a lawyer whether it is safe for you to resign without having to pay the penalty.
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