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28/02/2018 13:32:18
Re: Victimisation

Am posting on behalf of spouse. She's been in the company 29yrs. Lately, a new manager took over and many old employees 'resigned' while the company keep employing new recruits. Needless to say her duties taken from her and replaced with duties like to go and fetch customers, go do 'suspicious' banking transactions. Lately even withheld her annual increment letter from KL. One mth later her pay adjusted with reduced increment...upon checking with KL.HR, reply was a typo error. Salary is online to bank Acct. Am sure the explanation given to bank will be much different, instead of' typo error' as the 'reason' for the reduction after 1 mth increment? Appr yr quick response/advice as my spouse is under a lot of stress lately.
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KL siew
28/02/2018 15:54:01
I don't think I can give any useful comments. It may be advisable for you to bring your spouse to the Industrial Relations Department and discuss the issues with the officer there see whether the officer can give some useful advice.
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