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27/01/2018 03:01:17
Re: Annual Leave

I had a staff where her mother was hospitalised and she was absent from work since 24.1.2018 and expressed to me that she will be off to take care of her hospitalised critical mum for the moment.

Question :
1. Jan 2018 - do we pay her in full salary? 1 year is entitled 8 days annual leave. or do we pro rate the annual leave and balance of absence day is consideref unpaid leave for Jan 2018?

2. if she continues to be absence in Feb 2018, can i consider it as unpaid leave month?

kindly advise on this matter. thanks in advance.
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KL siew
29/01/2018 17:17:08
After finishing all the annual leave, any excess will be no pay leave.
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