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18/12/2017 18:19:09
Re: Employee resigned without notice

I have a under probation employee has no show up on working days (it was 2nd of the month), n he just message me telling that he work till end of last month. Asking employer to pay his full salary. I understand that whether is confirmed/unconfirmed employee ,as long as is working full month,employer shall pay his salary . but in these case , the employee is very unresposible , because this is a retail shop , without early notice, they is no shop asistant to operate the shop,and employer cannot arrange others workers within a day. So is there any penalty action can be taken by employer under the law
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KL siew
20/12/2017 14:17:49
Since he has resigned without giving any notice, you have the right not to pay him his balance of salary as you can claim one month salary from him as compensation for not giving notice.
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