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07/12/2017 20:26:13
Re: Sales Commission


I want to ask regarding my sales commission. My last day for my previous job was on the 20th Oct. Recently, when i called and check for my commission payout, the employer told me that im not entitled for the sales commission on Oct. His reason is because i did not work for the full month and only full month working entitled for the commission. I feel its unfair to me because for the past 20 days of the month, i was working hard to fight for the sales.

Please advise.
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KL siew
08/12/2017 17:23:51
If you know the exact amount of unpaid commission and if your salary is not more than RM2000, you can go to the Labour Department and make a complaint there.
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28/11/2018 15:48:27
Hi, I face the same problem. My last day is 23/12/2018, I am not sure I can get the quarter commission (Oct, Nov, and Dec).

Please advice. Thank you.
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