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06/12/2017 23:26:51
Re: Employer not paying after my resignation with the excuse of insubordination

Recently my management decided to transfer me to another branch. After consideration, i decided not to accept this new offer and then I resigned and is now serving for 2 months notice.
Just few days after I tendered my resignation, management suddenly asked me to leave and said no longer need me to serve the remaining notice but they won't compensate any money for the remaining notice days.
They claimed that I am insubordination because not willing to transfer and claimed they have the right to terminate me immediately without compensation.
I would like to know can I report this to labour law office because I believe if they would like me to leave earlier before end of the notice, they should compensate me. Am i right?
Appreciate your advise. Thanks!

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KL siew
08/12/2017 17:15:05
I think you better personally go to the Labour Department and make a complant there. To me, they should pay for the rest of the notice period.
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