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04/11/2017 20:58:16
Re: Salary calculation

Hi admin, I would like to know the calculation of salary. I don't have annual leave anymore so I applied 2 days unpaid leave on October. My company is 6 working days per week, and I have worked on my rest day ,Sunday (1day). May I know my basic RM1100 should divided by 31 days or 26 days since I only worked for 24 days and 1 day of my rest day.

My company calculated :

RM1100/31days * 24days= RM851.61
RM1100/26days*1 rest day=RM42.30

So total of my salary before deduction is RM893.91. Is it correct?
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KL siew
05/11/2017 17:35:32
Go to the Labour Department and make a complaint there.
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