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01/11/2017 16:20:46
Re: Employee absence from work

We have an employee working period 2 years 1 month. Start from this year have been often taking EL and sick leave, but most of the days no provided MC. Therefore, we deduct her Annual Leaves and salary accordingly. (Fully taken 12 days annual leave, 7 days MC and 17 days unpaid leave)

On 20/10/17 she send us whatsapp said that she slipped and fall down from the staircase and sprained her leg till swollen. 13 days is gone we keep asking her to snap MC as evidence and she fail to do that.

My boss willing to terminate her without paying any lay off benefit. Can we give her a show cause letter on absence from work and if she didn't response within 7 days we will terminate her contract of service or kindly give us any suggestion.

Hope to hear you ASAP.

Thank you.
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KL siew
01/11/2017 18:39:25
With all those problems, why not conduct a domestic inquiry and decide the type of penalty to mete out including possibly instant dismissal. Refer to section 14 of the Employment Act. for guidance.
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