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30/10/2017 10:15:48
Re: Budget 2018_Urgent

I would like to send you this query regarding 2018 Budget. Iíve a quick scan on the 2018 budget ,
Can you confirm are these the only points that relating to payroll? Please let me know if I miss anything.

Paragraph 81 in page 28, I guess this only impact the Employer tax calculation, not relating to employee tax deduction, am I correct?

Paragraph 159 in page 51, I guess this is the government going to propose in 2018, not necessary the change will be implemented in 2018, am I right?

Paragraph 168 in page 55, I guess this is going to impact employee tax deduction and would be effective from 1st Jan 2018 but need to wait for IRB formal announcement, am I correct?

Hope to hear from you soon.
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KL siew
30/10/2017 16:06:10
Contact the Labour Department see whether they can enlighten you.
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30/10/2017 17:56:19
They can't ><
i hope you can help me.
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KL siew
31/10/2017 08:29:42
I also can't. Try your own company accountants.
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