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09/07/2013 14:24:23
Re: Tricky Boss

I have this boss that unable to manage his company consist of 2 brothers inwhich both of them are boss.
As i have worked for them more than a year , i thinking of changing my job as the company is unstable and the bosses are getting quite aggrasive towards their workers.
So, I wanted to quit with notice letter of 3 months but one of my boss told me that one month will do and i just do as he said and passed him a month notice.
Then after a couple of days he got frustrated suddenly and shouted at me as he accuse me for having a bad mouth about him with the other new worker in which I never did and he ask me to leave before the date of my resignation.
Finally, I left and waiting for my salary and commission in which he had hold for more than half a year ( commission ) and now he said due to i did not giving him 3 months notice , he asked me to compensate him 2 months salary instead of him paying my salary. I really need advice on what to do.
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KL Siew
10/07/2013 09:08:20
Looks like it is going to be tough for you. Things were initially supposed to be done in good faith but later turned bad. Go and get some advice from the Labour Department as to exactly where you stand.
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10/07/2013 16:53:21
Thank You very much Mr.Siew
But do you have any advice for me? as i went to Labour Office and they told me to go for KWSP instead in which not really related.
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KL Siew
10/07/2013 20:03:01
If your former employer has not been contributing to EPF for you, I think that was why they advised you to bring the matter up with EPF so that EPF might take action against the employer. That how you could try to get even with your former employer that way.
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11/07/2013 13:33:59
Thank you again.
I'll check my EPF and see whether he did contribute or not.
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siew ching
07/09/2013 14:12:53

我是在一家game shop工作有十年了,三年前旧老板把店顶卖给新老板,附带连员工也保留。

现在问题来了,一直以来旧公司都没有提供appiontment letter,都用口头讲薪资及佣金的数额,新老板接手后也是说conditions全部照旧,没有更改。

但在八月底会计部的小姐突然告知我老板有发appiontment latter给我,告知我的新薪资,工作范围,最可笑的是居然不肯把我列为已confirm的正职员工。

鉴于他发觉我的工资比其他分行的新进员工高,他直接cut我的allowance 400,只留底薪1300,并注明我不得享有年假&病假,上班时间照旧, 一个星期工作4天 (10am~10pm),如果超时工作或公共假期有做的话有补钱但是没有列下数额及工作时数,而且还要我同意倘若有天离职,2年内不得做回相同行业。 请问我是否有权不接受他的offer? 其实我知道他是有意向我开刀,因为之前也有他自己的老员工相续被他裁走,

其实这位奸诈的老板也有不小心"少付我ot钱将近一年,刚好在上个星期被我发觉跟吵后再给要回来,算起来将近2千块咧。 这种行为可否列为诈欺罪呢?
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