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09/07/2013 10:48:04
Re: Medical Leave for Probationer

Dear Mr Siew,

if the new staff who joined us on 1/7 and was obtained MC from govt doctor for one month after a week of service due to previous accident (2 mth before joined us).

can we terminate his service due to unfit to work? and pay him the wages which he earned (1/7 - 8/7)?

if the staff said he fit to work, the company is liable on him if anything happen, am i right?

**under Pre-employment check up on 1/7, our panel doctor commented fit to work**

How to handle this issue?
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KL Siew
10/07/2013 08:37:49
The company should not terminate an employee who is on valid medical leave. In your case, I think it would be better to discuss his medical conditions with the employee and try to find an amicable solution.
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11/07/2013 17:09:42
Can the Company terminate his service for the reason below.

a) Incapacity of Employee Through Illness
b) given false statement as he not declared his medical history during interview session as well as Pre-employment medical check up
c) the medical leave is related to the road accident before we employed him

If cannot terminate, is unfair to the company...
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