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26/09/2017 13:58:11
Re: PH on off day

Example: Retail shop operation 6.5 days, is means Sunday only half day work but count as one day rate.
Let say, staff rest day is on Wednesday, on the same day is Public Holiday, do he can get replacement off day?
And, if he come back to work on the day, is he can get another 3 days wages pay, right?

Pls give advise, I'm confuse on off day and rest day.
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KL siew
26/09/2017 15:42:13
1. If Sunday is his rest day and he worked on that day, he will be paid extra half day salary.
2. If rest is on Wednesday, a replacement will be given the next day if PH falls on Wednesday.
3. If he comes to on Wednesday, he will be paid (salary/26) x 1, if he works on the replacement day, he should be paid (salary/26) x 2.
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