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04/09/2017 15:39:02
Re: Termination Claim

Hi all,

I would like to seek suggestion on what kind of compensation I could claim from my previous agreed employer.

I have signed a contract to start a new job in Malaysia during May. Job should commence on June. It has been deferred to August orally.

But company decided to terminate its operate during end of July.

I have been confirmed for flight reimbursement and accommodations for three months which stated in contract signed during May. I was staying in company's accommodation since June until August when termination being told.

I would like to anyone's help on what kind of compensation I could request for being quitting my previous job and come back to this job but it got cancelled.

Thank you so much for whoever can help and your time.
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KL siew
05/09/2017 18:37:44
Go to the Labour Department and discuss the issue with the officer there see whether they can give you assistance.
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