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30/08/2017 16:02:25
Re: Annual Leave

According Malaysia Employment Act , an employee shall be entitled to paid annual leave of 16 days if he has been employed by that employer for a period of five years or more.

If an employee work at the company over 5 years (started 1/8/11), currently his annual leave is 14 days/year.
1. if the employee's salary is over RM2000, is he/she still entitle for this 16 days annual leave?
2. Do the company have the right to not comply with this rule?
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KL siew
30/08/2017 19:33:19
If his contract of service says leave entitlement goes according to the Employment Act, then he is still entitled to the leave entitlement as stated in the Act even if his salary is over 2K.

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