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22/08/2017 13:14:25
Re: Prolonged sick Leave

Dear Sir/Madam,
I've been working with current employer for more than 10years. Last june 2016, was admitted to HUKM for Menigitis. Have been on MC till now. My company just paid 2months salary or 60days hospilalization benefit. I have recently spoke to my HR to request for a Severance package but instead the HR lady asked me to write in a Mutual Separation proposal to my employer. I need some help in drafting the said proposal and the amount of compensation salary i can ask for. Please also advice on some questions stated below. My employment contract is lost or misplaced as it's been more than 10years with my present employer.
1. I was only paid 60days Hospitalization MC, how about my entitled normal MC per year, can i claim that?
2. My entitled anuual leave, can i claim? I'm on no pay leave since August 2016 till date.
3. Any other claims i'm entitled for? Please advice.
4. Socso did not pay my Mc's coz they say they will pay only for accident cases. Mine was due to illness.
5. My invalidty pension with socso is rejected pending appeal.
I would like to know what can i claim from my employer as i think my employer is taking me for a ride.
The reasons for requesting the Mutual Seperation is because i'm not in the condition to go back to work now due to the slow recovery process of myself. The amount that i'm claiming under the Mutual separation would help me sustain financially until i'm employable.

Thanking you in advance for help and support on this matter.

Best Regards,

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KL siew
25/08/2017 15:49:56
Since you have gone through all the venues without much success, and since your company is asking you to write of proposal, you may as well use the Employment(Termination and Layoff Benefits)Regulation as a basis of compensation. In your case, it should be 20 days salary for every year of service.
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