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07/08/2017 12:17:10
Re: Overworking while not getting paid, also not getting bonus, receives penalty if does not respond on

The company supplies serological test kits, also provides after sales services to customers (AKA whenever customer contact we are required to respond as soon as possible).

Few issues we have faced in this company, unsure whether these rules are actually legit or not:

1. Must attend to work phone even on annual leave, if not get RM 50 penalty. Being on-call we are not given extra allowance.

2. Must send daily report on WhatsApp by 9pm (which would take at least an hour to type) after whole day of sales visit. Does this consider as OT? Company does not practice paying OT.

3. Outstation trip besides being able to claim petrol and toll by receipt, accommodation booked by management and RM 25 a day meal allowance, no other travel allowance provided.

4. Does travelling time (for work, outstation) considered under working hours?

5. Bonus is given to a certain race during their big day while the other races are kept secret from the bonus.

6. Working for different sister company but not getting extra pay doing double the job.

7. Superior is on psychiatric medication. Is he/she fit for working?

The employees feel unjust being treated this way. Anyone can help justify the laws if any applicable?
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KL siew
07/08/2017 12:42:58
Go to the Labour Department, sit down and discuss the problems with the officer there.
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