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03/07/2017 16:28:18
Re: Hari Raya Holiday OT

We are in F&B business. We open 7 days. Every staff have 1 off day. But, due to short of staff on Raya holiday. Staff work 25/6 Sunday (Restday & Raya 1 day), 26/6 & 27/6(replacement holiday). How to calculate the 3 days OT?
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KL siew
04/07/2017 12:17:06
For on public holidays for normal working hours, the formula is (salary/26) x 2.
Formula for working OT (after normal working hours) (salary/26/8) x 3 x No. of OT hours.
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11/07/2017 10:53:38
My friend resign recently,under contract with two month notification.
However, she giving one month notice and paying one month salary back to company.
but, one of the management claim that, his brother work in labour and he can black listed my friend.
can they do so?
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KL siew
11/07/2017 18:31:27
Your friend need not do anything, nobody is going to blacklist anyone.He resigned the proper way.
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