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01/01/2013 23:32:20
Re: Monthly paid wages


I need some clarification on monthly salary calculation. My brother is on monthly paid contract, starts work on 1/12, his HR inform him that his salary cut off date is 20th every month and prorate his salary up to 20/12. Then the next payment date will be from 21/12/12-20/1/13. Is that the correct way to pay a monthly paid employee? Isn't it suppose to base on calendar month? Please help, thank you.
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KL Siew
02/01/2013 09:17:12
Some companies are doing that by having a different wage period with earlier cutting off date. Their reasons may be because of more time is required to check through overtime records and others especially where companies have a lot of overtime. They do this so that the workers can get their pay by end of the month.
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02/01/2013 14:20:20
Thank you.
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