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11/05/2017 10:48:43
Re: URGENT -Habitual lateness from staff


Came across your page and found active & useful. I hope that you can help to resolve my urgent queries here.

I have a staff who have been late for 7 times from Jan till Apr 2017. She will have at least 1 time late a month. Unfortunately, the reporting manager had not issue any counselling & warning to her before this. On 11 May 2017, I had decided to issue her show caused seeking her explanation on all the 7 times lateness. On her reply today, we found that her excuses are not justify, reasons given are overslept & traffic jam. Can I terminate her on that? or I need to issue her warning before I can terminate her?

For your info, her basic salary is more than RM2000. I assume she is not cover by EA1955.

Appreciate if you can help me on this. Thanks.
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KL siew
11/05/2017 18:11:06
Why not give her a final warning. If there is no improvement, hold a domestic inquiry and decide what penalty to give including dismissal. Get guidance from Section 14 of the Employment Act
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