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21/04/2017 03:57:36
Re: resignation notice

I just want to know if im really need to pay the the Levy even the Malaysian Government
already declare that there is no levy for a foreign worker who's designated position as an Operator.Coz i file resignation on March 28,2017 and to be last day of my work on May 06,2017.And my working visa will be expired on July 31,2017 but the NIAT MURNI AGENT
want me to pay the levy of the excessing visa..
Below are there compensation of my cost due to resignation..
06 MAY 2107-06 JUNE 2017=104
06 JUNE 2017-06 JULY 2017=104
06 JULY 2017- 31 JULY 2017=100

Is this the right act of the agent or its just an act of fraudulent..
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KL Siew
22/04/2017 16:20:44
You should consult the Labour Department for an official ruling.
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