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11/04/2017 14:39:38
Re: HR Harmonization - Notice of Resignation

Good day. i would like to inquire about the HR Harmonization process.

Previously my notice of resignation is only one month as per letter offer i
signed. However after i tender my resignation letter, my company want me to
serve 3months notice instead of
1 month as Harmonization process without my sign on any documents and
within any notice or memo send out.

Is the Harmonization process can be applied to employees even we dint sign
off any documents?
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KL Siew
11/04/2017 15:55:32
If the so-called harmonization process took place some time ago and nobody put up any protest, I tend to think the process is valid and applicable. Consult the Industrial Relations Department see whats their official views.
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11/04/2017 15:57:44
Hi KL Siew,

may i know Industrial Relations Department is?
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11/04/2017 15:59:49
Btw, the so called Harmonization process is started at year 2017.
only have internal briefing however never send out any notice or memo.
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KL Siew
13/04/2017 15:25:00
This is the Industrial Relations Department.
I think brief is just as good if there is no dispute about it.
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