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21/02/2017 17:08:08
Re: Witheld salary

The punch card record for the period from 16 November 2016 till 15 December 2016 which is to be submitted on 16 December 2016 was incomplete ie there were days no record of clock IN/OUT. The Original punch card was returned to "A" at the same day 16/12/16 to be updated and till to date "A" have not return the punch card record.

His salary for that period also already paid out. The Boss want HR to hold his salary for Feb'17 and will release upon returning of his complete punch card.

Given him show cause but "A" replied that HR never returned the punch card to him.

Can employer hold "A" salary not returning the punch card?
FYI, HR did not photocopy the said punch card record.
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KL Siew
24/02/2017 08:34:36
In fact, don't you think the boss should take action against HR for paying out with incomplete punch cards? About the return of punch card, it is one person's words against another person's. Anyway, about deduction, section 24(2) of the Employment Act may provide the info:

"(2) It shall be lawful for an employer to make the following deductions—

(a) deductions to the extent of any overpayment of wages made during the immediately preceding three months from the month in which deductions are to be made, by the employer to the employee by the employer’s mistake; "

Now, it is difficult to say who is right and who is wrong. Consult the Labour Department by giving them a call and get some official advice.
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