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16/01/2017 11:26:14
Re: Retire Staff

My company have 1 staff going to retire by next month (age 60). He is asking to continue to work with the company and asking about the term & condition on re-employment retire worker. What is the labour law said on the re-employment of retiree? Did them still enjoy same benefit as per current employment or there will be pay-cut, less contribution on EPF & SOCS? My cousin working in Singapore & after his retirement, his company employ him in contract basis & his salary was 50% on his last drawn salary before his retirement & no CPF contribution.
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KL Siew
16/01/2017 16:23:43
1. The terms and conditions can be mutually agreed upon by both parties but should be be less favourable than those in the Employment Act, like working hours, rest days, etc etc.
2. From what know, the employee still can opt whether to contribute to EPF or not. In this matter, I think you should contact EPF and get advice from the officer there. Give them a call.
3. SOCSO, the employer will have to make the contributions but not the employee Again, contact SOCSO to confirm.
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