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13/01/2017 12:07:20
Re: Termination of worker after domestic enquiry

My company line leader was found not at his work place from 3am to 7am every night during his night shift duty. There is CCTV to proof. After domestic enquiry the leader has been terminated within 24 hours. The company only pay him his salary until his last day of service. Now the leader go to JTK to report. JTK issue a Summon ask us to attend. The Summon ask the company to compensate him on wrongful dismissal. This leader has been with us for more than 18years. I would like to check did the company need to compensate him due to his misconduct? Since he bring this issue to labour office, can we counter claim the leader to refund back his salary from 3am to 7am since the company pay him for work but he did not work during that period of time. Also can we claim him for lost on productivity due to his misconduct?
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KL Siew
13/01/2017 19:47:13
Your decision after the DI may not be final and conclusive. The employee still can challenge the decision. You can go there and argue your case at the Department and if necessary engage a lawyer to fight the case for you.
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