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19/12/2016 00:30:55
Re: Part Time Exhibiton Promoter

As I heard and saw from the exhibition promoters at Midvalley Exhibition today, There's a snack booth, the female partner of the company keep blaming the promoters and yelled on them to push up the productivity and frighten with deduct wages. I was standing at the side to collect my meal from them also have the bad feeling and noise. I feel like the female boss was treating her employees like unhuman! no free lunch time 1 hour to promoters and need them to do other jobscopes like cleaning the kitchen which doesn't related to their orig jobscopes. I knew the female boss was trying to cut cost from the workers and so the promoters have to handle a multiple-people's work. Should these promoters get treat in a better way from the copany or it was ignorance? Thanks.
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KL Siew
19/12/2016 19:20:49
Whatever action to be taken must first come from the employee. What a bystander can do may be to go to the Labour Department and share his thoughts with the officer there.
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