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07/12/2016 16:07:02
Re: Salary payment

(1)The wages of an employee shall be paid not later than seven days after the expiration of the wage period in respect of which they are due.
(2) All wages due to an employee whose contract of service is terminated by expiry of the period for which it was made shall be paid to him on the day on which such contract of service terminates:
Provided that if the Director is satisfied that payment within such time is not reasonably practicable, he may, on the application of the employer, extend the time of payment by such number of days as he thinks fit.

Does its mean if employer failed to pay within the period, we employee contract will automatically terminated?
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KL Siew
07/12/2016 18:31:38
Don't count on that per se. You don't know what what the Director can decide. There could be reasons why payment cannot be on time. If persistent late salary payment occurred even after many complaints, then it could be reasonable to say the employer has breached the contract of service.
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