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28/11/2016 15:08:28
Re: Can employee file case to IR Office and Labour Office together

Would like to find out whether an employee who have file a case to IR Office under Section 20 and then to Labour Office ?
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KL Siew
28/11/2016 17:43:32
Section 69A of the Employment Act quoted below may be helpful:

"69A. Notwithstanding section 69, the Director General shall not inquire into, hear, decide or make any order in respect of any claim, dispute or purported dispute which, in accordance with the Industrial Relations Act 1967

(a) is pending in any inquiry or proceedings under that Act;

(b) has been decided upon by the Minister under subsection 20(3) of that Act; or

(c) has been referred to, or is pending in any proceedings before, the Industrial Court. "

You can contact the Labour Department for further clarification, if necessary.
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21/12/2016 12:20:50
Sir/mdm, do you think the employer right to deduct our salary 50rm per hour if we come late to work even she no give us a basic salary and no any benefits just only comision 25%? and i take leaved for holiday for xmas she dint give also comision,
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