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30/10/2016 21:24:10
Re: Deduction of salary

Hi Siew,

I facing salary deduction which is happen during July 2016.

My company require staff apply leave via their system however i am not able to apply the leave for Jun 2016 via system which doesn't reflect my annual leave (7 day) which been carry forward for year 2015 therefore my salary been deduct. I have the picture of the system remaining AL and i did send email to the admin of my company but she didn't do anything for this.

Thus, i send email to my superior and have all clarification and they promise me they will do the encashment soon . This case been pending for 3 month since July 2016.

More frustrate that was i been inform by HR staff, she claim that i am not the only one facing this but 500 people of my company facing it. She inform me please wait and rest assured they will done the encashment soon. FYI, some of my colleague were in this pending encashment since half an year ago and some were 1 year most probably. I did send email to admin - Manager - HR - HR Manager - Vice President but still i can't get an answer from them.

My situation is how can i get my salary back and more importantly how about my fellow colleague whether they can get the encashment as well?

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KL Siew
31/10/2016 18:49:36
Contact the Labour Department see whether they can in any way help.
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