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Lihong Koo
21/10/2016 15:19:28
Re: Extension for an employer to pay

May I have your advice on how to apply an extension for an employer to pay for an employee who is covered under the employment act?

For instance, an employee is terminated after the normal pay cycle closed while the employer is not able to pay he/her by check or cash upon the financial policy, in such case, can the employer apply an extension to pay to this employee and if so how?
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KL Siew
21/10/2016 18:58:07
Is it really necessary to do that? Your accountant may be able to find a way to pay earlier. Anyway, give a call to the Labour Department and talk to the officer about it. In my opinion, asking for extension for such a matter I don;t think you can get anything really helpful from them.
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Lihong Koo
04/11/2016 09:36:55
if the query can fit for the following clause and the client then apply an extension, will such extension be availed to all the same case or each time there is a termination case the client need to make such an application?
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