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05/10/2016 12:53:25
Re: Sick Leave on Annual Leave

I was on Annual Leave in September recently but I was sick and obtained Medical Leave from the panel clinic on that day.

Therefore, I have applied for AL cancellation and apply for Medical Leave on that day.

However, my HOD still did not approve the AL cancellation so I cannot apply for the Medical Leave via the system due to the overlapping dates.

My salary is above RM2,500

My question is:
1) Am I entiled for the sick leave as states in the below clause of Employment Act 1955:

1B) Where an employee who is on paid annual leave becomes entitled to sick leave or maternity leave while on such annual leave, the employee shall be granted the sick leave or the maternity leave, as the case may be, and the annual leave shall be deemed to have not been taken in respect of the days for which sick leave or maternity leave is so granted.

Thank You.
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KL Siew
06/10/2016 19:30:26
If you cannot use your MC due the system, forget about the MC this time and you can use that day for another occasion.
1. You are not covered by the EA.
2. Under the EA, such problems will not arise and the law is clear about it.
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07/10/2016 14:49:47
Thank you for the clarification.

I will raise this matter to our HR for their decision as my HOD did not do anything about it.
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