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28/03/2013 18:00:03
Re: EL

Dear Mr. Siew,

I have a staff who has been taken frequent EL by giving reason as family matters (by sms-ing HR staff or by informing thru his colleague)

He has not been reporting to work for a week. We have been contacting him but it seems that he is just running away from us.

My questions are:

1. Can a staff apply EL by sms or through his colleague?
2. Can the company suspent him w/o pay?
3. Can you adv what can we do
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KL Siew
28/03/2013 19:45:51
Your HR seems to be very weak. When HR does not know what to do with disciplinary matters, staff tend to take advantage. Just be more strict. Otherwise, you will have a very tough time.
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28/03/2013 20:33:55
Dear Lew

If the staff do not turn up nor did he inform his superior after the 3rd consecutive day, when or should he return to work on the 4th day (the safest day), tell him to go back home and wait for HR instruction (No need to suspend him and pay him half pay). Then your HR can issue him with a show cause asking him to explain why he was absent. If the explaination is not acceptable, then your HR can hold a DI against him and dismiss him under Sec 15(2).

If he is a problematic staff, dont bother to call him. Anyway it is not the employer obligation to call the employee.

This is how I handle absent cases.
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