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Candy Ang
09/09/2016 11:42:39
Re: Termination To Staff Who Have Disciplinary Problem

Dear Mr. Siew

I would like to know how to handle the following situation.

1) Habitual late to work -Employee Disciplinary Action carried out for more than 3 times, Show cause letter issued for once and Warning Letter for once. If the staff continuously came late so what is the next step?

2)Insubordination: He has left the office without permission/ job assignment after log-in in the morning for several times. He was not responded to his immediate superior though she has called you several times & sent message to you via whatsapp.

3) Performance: There are several verbal cautions & disciplinary forms given have been given to him his superior, however, there is no improvement thus far.

We would like to know how can we take action to terminate the staff .

Thank you.
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09/09/2016 17:50:03
Hold a domestic inquiry and sack him. Refer to Section 14 of the EA and get some guidance from there.
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