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Ah Yen
05/09/2016 22:51:39
Re: Termination after age of 65


I'm given service for a contractor for almost 20 year old. However, 3 year ago the contractor sold of the company and the new company had take over. With the new contractor company, my age of retirement us already 62.

This is regarding to ask:-
1. It is necessary to given termination of service in writing for staff more than 65 year old? Can it by verbally mention?
2. Do a company need to still pay EPF and Socso if the staff age is more than 60?
3. Is the calculation for EPF and Socso is same from age before retirement?
4. Can a company employ staff more than 60 year old?(P.Malaysia)
5.What is the normal procedure if a company want to terminate staff more than 65 year old? Do they need to pay retirement fund? or need to pay notice period?
6. It is the answer applicable to foreigner staff as well?
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KL Siew
06/09/2016 12:04:20
I would advise that you pay a visit to the local Labour Department and discuss the issues with the officer and get official advice.
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