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04/09/2016 14:20:52
Re: Ridiculous OT at new startup company

I am working at a new startup company which started in June, we are developing a web application and only 1 backend and 1 frontend developer working on this. Our launching date was fixed at early of Sep but because of development delay, the company director required us to work OT, 9am-5pm normal working hours, OT until 10pm at least everyday including weekends until project launches. We had been working OT for at least 40hrs last week including weekend and merdeka day¬ getting single cent, which is against labour law, however it is developers' fault for not meeting deadline. We agreed on this decision since we knew this is our fault, but we are getting really tired for not getting a day rest during this period. Lacking of manpower is another serious factor of project delay. Any suggestion on this issue that what kind of action should I take? Thanks.
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KL Siew
05/09/2016 13:52:26
If you cannot get the company to pay OT wages for working OT, you may have to bring the matter up with the Labour Department
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05/09/2016 15:10:37
Firstly, are you paid above RM2000-00?
If you are, you're not entitled by law to OT.

You may however complaint about not being given you 1 Rest Day per week.
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