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03/09/2016 09:56:12
Re: Re : Termination

Hi, I would like to ask about termination by employer due to employee misconduct.

Employee Q, work with company near 2 years. Q always absent without proper reason and company issued 1 warning letter to him in year 2015. These few months, Q not follow company rules and regulations and company would like to issue 2 show cause letters (on the same time) and if Q could not give company acceptable reason, company will issue 2 warning letter (on the same time) and terminate him on the spot.

I want to confirm whether company has the right to issue 2 warning letters on the same time and terminate the employee immediately?

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KL Siew
03/09/2016 14:43:26
I think it would be safer to conduct a domestic inquiry first and then decide whether to give him an instant dismissal. You can get some guidance in MSection 14 of the Employment Act.
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