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Hui Kim
06/08/2016 17:56:17
Re: Confirm Method of Salary Calculatio and Working Days

1. I need to confirm how's the calculation of salary for working 6 days a week? Divided by 26 or 31 days?
2. How many hours should a worker work?
48 hours or 52 hours?
3. If an employee salary is RM3,600 (included allowance), can he still claim OT?
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KL Siew
08/08/2016 18:46:31
1. Better use the number of days of the months and Sundays should be included in the calculation. You can of course 26, and compare. If it comes to the same amount, it should be OK.
2. 48 hours per week. Above that, will be overtime.
3. If he is required to work overtime, I think he should be paid, whatever his salary. If he is asked to work overtime and don't get paid, why should he work.
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