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03/08/2016 12:37:06
Re: Hospitalization leave

我想问,我公司的职员请11天的MC, MC是这样写的:-

a) He/She is unfit duty for 11 days from 16/4/2016-26/04/2016
b) He/She should present himself/herself for re-examination on 26/4/2016
c) He/She was warded from 16/4/2016 to 19/4/2016

从16/4/2016 to 19/4/2016是肯定 Hospitalization leave
那么20/4/2016-26/4/2016是 Medical Leave 还是 Hospitalization leave ?
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KL Siew
03/08/2016 15:43:54
Should be medical leave since he was not warded in hospital.
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03/08/2016 15:44:42
Thank you
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