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27/07/2016 10:25:54
Re: Automatic bond

Dear kl siew,

My company send me for a conference and imposes an automatic bond of 6 months. I was notified of this but later I came to find that my other Co workers were not subject to such bond.

Now that I'm resigning , my boss ask me to pay unserved bond period, 3 months salary in lieu.

Although such terms are available in the handbook, I have not signed any contract with them. I don't intend to pay them as I feel I was treated unfairly. I did not gain any training from this conference too.

Can they take any action against me?
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KL Siew
27/07/2016 15:22:30
You said you were resigning, did you give the required notice? As for the bond, it is up to you to pay or not.
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