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26/07/2016 15:04:29
Re: Brought Forward Unpaid Leave

Dear Admin,

My company do not have practice to deduct salary for over taken Annual Leave(AL) since start till now (for few years). Now they wan to change the company policy, so they wan to deduct our over taken leave form the day i join until now.

I join this company since Nov 2013 till now. My AL calculation from my HR as below:

pro-rated AL from 18/11/2013 till 31/7/2016 = 14 /12 *32 = 37 Days

AL entitlement is 14 days/year. So, my entitlement from 2013 till July 2016 is 37 Days.

Within this few years, i taken 58.5 days (AL+EL)

As such, over taken leave will be (58.5 days 37 days) = 21.5 days

So, this 21.5 days my company wan to deduct base on my current salary.

Can my company do that?

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KL Siew
26/07/2016 19:21:10
I really don't see anything wrong with that. Consult the Labour Department if you think necessary.
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