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26/07/2016 14:46:27
Re: Retrenchment during Pregnancy

Dear Admin,

A good day to you.

On 22 July 2016, 2.31 pm, we (14 colleagues and myself) received an email notification from our company's Head of HR & Administration, informing us to attend a briefing (without more details given) at HR Department on 25 July 2016, at 10.15 am.

On the day of the briefing (25 July 2016), without any prior notice or any indication, all 15 of us were informed that the company is trying its best to provide opportunities at the Group's subsidiaries, by sending our resumes to the subsidiaries. And IF we didn't receive any calls, news or confirmation from the subsidiaries by Mid-August, the company shall discuss about Retrenchment Scheme with us in September 2016.

One of my colleagues emailed the Head of HR inquiring about the last day of service, should it be a retrenchment. The HR then replied it should be on 31 August 2016.

My questions would be as follows:-

1) According to what was conveyed verbally to us in the briefing, for the worst case scenario should it be a retrenchment, HR shall discuss about the Retrenchment Scheme with us in September 2016. But according to the HR email reply, our last day should be on 31 August 2016. How could that be?

2) If there is a transfer / relocation to other subsidiary but IF the staff rejected the offer, will the staff still be entitled for any compensation?

3) How is the retrenchment benefit / compensation be calculated?

4) I joined this company on 2 January 2014. I'm pregnant for about 4 months now and my due date should be around mid-end of December 2016. Is the company allowed to retrench / terminate me? Is there any law / Act that protects pregnant employee in such condition?

Please advise.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.
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KL Siew
26/07/2016 19:17:27
Refer to the reply to your post in
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