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22/07/2016 23:59:22
Re: Annual Leave not allowed to be cummulated and taken at year end

My company does not allow me to take consecutive days of annual leave in year end. In fact I applied for 6 consecutive AL in November and 6 consecutive AL in October (these are carried forward from last year).

If I cannot do so, how am I going to spend my holidays overseas?
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KL Siew
23/07/2016 18:57:07
Knowing the problems of getting leave during year end, you will have to plan your leave well ahead during the year. Don't wait until year end when every one wants to take leave. If you intend to go for holiday overseas, get clearance from HR first before booking the trip.
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23/07/2016 21:28:44
Dear KL Siew,
In fact I have no time to clear my AL first ten months of the year, what more I have a lot of extra working days for which I have to clear my replacement leaves as well。 End of year is the time I have very little work to do。 Getting AL approved during the first ten months is impossible!
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23/07/2016 21:31:40
And I cannot understand why our leaves cannot be approved (three of us out of a hundered)。
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