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Disappointed Staff
22/07/2016 09:31:34
Re: Company Director scolds staff in a rude way with bad word

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I'm very unhappy with one of my company director (he also my direct reporting superior) as he keeps scolding me without a valid reason. Sometime, he yelled at me when scold. Recently, he scold me with the word of "fucking". The way he threw out this word as below:

Situation: Office Internet interrupted
Date: 19th July 2016, morning

Our office internet being interrupted while my assistant answering the incoming call through the fixed line where this fixed line is connecting with our internet network. My boss was then walked out from his office and starts the following conversation with me:

Boss: What had happened with the internet? Don't this issue had happened long time ago? Have you solve the problem? What the fucking things are you doing here? Are we going to live with such an internet connection?

Me: We already called the service provider to to change the modem before hari raya. Everything of internet connection look good while we answer the incoming call with fixed line. This interruption just happened again this morning. Well, what you want me to do? If change the service provider, we need some time and you need to approve if the monthly subscription fees is within the company budget.

The situation above make me feel very upset and dissapointed. I have a lot of work to do and he keeps stressing me with scolding, yelling and recently scold with such a bad word.

Could you please give me your advise the better way to handle this situation in lawful way?

My company is very good but the scolding, yelling as above situation is stressing me a lot.

With Best Regards,
Dissapointed Staff

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KL Siew
22/07/2016 17:20:52
It is not unusual to come across foul mouth bosses. Just be careful in what you do and know your work well, that's all.
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