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19/07/2016 15:17:09
Re: How to terminate employee for cause

We are small enterprise company and just appoint a new lorry driver in few months ago. His performance is poor and has involved in few incident at our client site area (hit others lorry and clientís assets). We have warned him to be careful but is in verbal only. Now our client has blacklisted the driver enter into their construction site and the losses that we have paid to client is costly and absorbed by company. This are the only project on hand, if we donít terminate him and get a new replacement, we have no work for him. We need urgent advice how to terminate him in legal way and to protect company.
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KL Siew
19/07/2016 16:53:44
If you have no choice, you can give him one month notice or pay one month salary in lieu of notice if you want to terminate him immediately plus whatever balance of leave he still has. If you still wants to complaint to the authority, so be it.
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24/01/2017 12:37:42
我的建筑公司有位员工做了5年3个月,我们每个月都有给EPF 和 SOCSO 给他。最近我的公司没有什么project了,必需直接炒他。
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