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14/07/2016 23:08:20
Re: urgent , change working hour

Currently my company going to change working hour to 3Crew 2shift ( 1cycle 6 days , 4 days must work 12hours and 2 days off )
According to labour law working hour for one week is 48 hours ( means that one year working hour is 48 hour * 52 week = 2496 hours )
If change to new working hour ,the one year working hour will increase to 2880 hours ( 364 day /6day = 60...cycle , 60 cycle * 48 hour = 2880 hours )
from the above calculation one year we need to work more hour for company.
I need your advice , is this new working hour already exceed than one week 48 hours ?
Is this pattern of working hour violate the labour law ?
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KL Siew
16/07/2016 08:15:30
I don't know about the yearly calculation. What I know is as long as the working hours is more than 48 hours per week, OT wages have to be paid. You may refer to Part 12 of the EA on Shift work. and so on. If in doubt consult the Labour Department
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16/07/2016 16:04:37
Thanks for reply.

Due to the shift pattern ( one cycle 6 days ) , cannot caunt by week,that's why i calculate the working hour in a year than device by 52 week,the result of working hour is more than 48 hour per week.
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KL Siew
18/07/2016 08:12:36
There is nothing difficult about it. The definition of "week" in the EA is:
"week" means a continuous period of seven days;
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