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Ms A
12/07/2016 20:48:08
Re: Re: Resignation Serve 3 months


Based on my contract of employment, i resigned need serve three months. I already serve three month notice but my ex-boss said the new replacement staff haven't join. do ask me help until the new staff in, i also help in one more month. I totally serve almost 4 months. But every time talk about the last day to my ex-boss. He keep saying my contract is said all accounts is done, wait audited report out. But i did checked my contract of employment, it didn't said i must need wait audited report out only can leave.

Every time, i hope to talk nicely with my ex-boss, i already serve notice, i want leave, he also use lot of excuse said me this not done, that not done. I fade up already. I direct leave and changed contact number. I don't want arguing on my last day as i already serve more than 3 months.

Who knows my ex-boss today called my husband said cannot communicate with me, said the accounts in office not completely executed. His legal teams will take action against me breach of contract and settle this breach in court.

Please advice. I have no legal knowledge as well as my ex-boss. I'm only a account executive in the office. I'm already serve notice and help him one more month. Why as a employer still want use whole legal team to treat a weaker lady like me. I'm scare, i do not have legal team to "play" with him, I do not have enough money to hire a team of lawyer like him. I'm scare, I'm tension. Why employer will become so terrible. I did serve notice.

Thank you
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KL Siew
13/07/2016 18:20:03
You just leave when the time come. Or if you are still worried, go and consult a lawyer.
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Ms A
14/07/2016 08:10:00
Thank you. If I receive the ex-boss letter to sue me, i will go to report labour department to report him.
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