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Miss Lim
12/07/2016 14:52:32
Re: Re: Working on Rest Day and Public Holiday

Hi Mr Siew,

Re: Working on Rest Day and Public Holiday

How do i calculate my staff's salary And Overtime. His pay is RM 4000 a month. His working hours is 9 am to 6 pm, 6 days a week.

04/06/16-Agong's birthday (PH)-Working Until 9pm
05/06/16-Sunday (Rest Day)-Working Until 9pm
19/06/16-Sunday (Rest Day)-Working Until 9pm
26/06/16-Sunday (Rest Day)-Working Until 9pm
06/07/16-Hari Raya (PH)-Working Until 9pm
07/07/16-Hari Raya (PH)-Working Until 9pm

Thank you.
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12/07/2016 15:16:46

1. Normal OT (salary/26/8) x 1.5 x OT hours.
2. OT on rest days (salary/26/) x 1.5 x OT hours
3. OT on PH (salary/26/) x 3 x OT hours
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