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21/03/2013 13:38:56
Re: Staffs absent

can i know what should i do if my staff have been absent for more than 1 week.
In the first few day,he answer call and stated he is back to home town for urgent issue. He promise back to work the next 2 days. Unfortunely after a week, he still no back to work and did not answer our office call.

Urgent advice needed.
Thank you.
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KL Siew
21/03/2013 16:21:06
Just treat it as he has resigned without notice. Write to him about it.
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21/03/2013 19:10:01
Issue a Show Cause letter to him by asking to reply why he have failed to report for work since (date). Give him 7 days to reply failing which, you can terminate him under Section 15(2) EA 1955. Send the letter out by normal post and AR Registered mail.
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