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10/06/2016 10:45:25
Re: How to make complain to epf & socso without provide payslip

I worked almost half year with the employer, but she did not provide any payslip or wages voucher. And I do not have any black and white confirmation letter to prove I worked for her. She was failed to provide epf and socso to me for few months.So what can I do to make complain thr employer, so that she will get penalty.
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KL Siew
10/06/2016 19:16:25
Even though you don't have the documents, you still can go and make complaints at the EPF and SOCSO office. You have to go there to complain, no choice. Let them look into the matter for you. For not having appointment letter or payslip, you can make a complaint at the Labour Department
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13/06/2016 21:32:07
Thanks KL Siew for your info. I had checked with Labour Dept, the advisor told me that if I already resigned from the employer, I cannot make complaint to Labour Dept, it is out from their part she said. So I aiming to make complaint Socso and EPF. Actually I approached EPF counter, the person on duty said that if without payslip very hard to make claim from the employer, is that true? And it will take very long time to claim also.
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