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08/06/2016 09:19:52
Re: Resignation Notice In Lieu

Hi Mr.Siew,

We have one irresponsible lady employee who did not serve her resignation notice although she stated in her resign letter that will give 1 month notice and her last day shall be on 30thJune. However, she was absent since 06thJune without notification.

In the case, can we send her letter and request to compensate us for notice in lieu which equivalent to 1 month of her gross salary as per letter of appointment? If she ignore our letter continuosly, let say after 3 letters issue to her, then can we insert her name into CTOS?

Please kindly advise.

Tks & rgds,

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KL Siew
08/06/2016 12:24:29
What I say is for your to go to the Labour Department and make a claim for indemnity against if her salary is not more than RM2000. If the Labour Department is unable to take up your case, you can get a lawyer to sue her in court. I can't comment on CTOS as I am not familiar with the regulations.
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29/06/2016 17:48:56
Hi. Mr. Siew,

I join xxx company since 13th July 2016. and i have tendered my resignation letter on the 28th July'16.
Their appointment letter did mentioned that during probation period any termination or resignation need 2 week notice. Therefore i only give them 1 week notice, last working day will be on 4th July'16. What i will be facing if i ask them to deduct from my salary which i did not fullfill the 2 week notice.
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